Billy Cooper began playing the steel guitar in the mid 1960s after a fellow musician suggested that he go ahead and get a pedal steel instead of struggling to get pedal steel sounds out of his Fender Strat. Having taken that advice, he never looked back.

Billy was privileged to play steel behind some of the best musicians and singers in the central and northern Virginia areas during the sixties and seventies. In the mid seventies he realized a long held dream of going on the road and took a job playing steel with Bobby Helms of 'Fraulein' and 'Jingle Bell Rock' fame. He backed up numerous Grande Ole Opry performers during this tour since many of them did not carry their own musicians.

Upon returning to Virginia he freelanced with the steel guitar while resuming operation of his construction company.

In 1982, Billy and his wife, Wanda, opened Billy Cooper's Steel Guitar Shop. When some of Billy's acquaintances within the national steel guitar community learned of his endeavor, they were very supportive and helped spread the word. Every year, it seemed, a new section was added onto the building to accommodate the ever growing stock.

The business was incorporated as Billy Cooper's Music, Inc. in 1992 to reflect the fact that they carried a variety of accessories and products for musical genres other than steel guitar, though that remains about 90% of the operation.

The Cooper philosophy is to always try to treat the customer just like they themselves would want to be treated. When you walk into their store, they want you to feel at home, stay as long as you like and have the freedom to browse, try out guitars, ask questions or request a demonstration. Even the location at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains is a delightful experience. You are invited to contact them for any need that concerns the pedal steel guitar. It is their desire that it should be a pleasant experience.

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