Hilton Volume Pedals

Hilton ME262-B Infrared Volume Pedal. Standard Height Pedal. Tired of pot noise? With the ME262-B there is no noise, just smooth, clean, quality sound. This pedal has no pot and it is not a light beam pedal. This is new technology that works like the infrared bar code scanner on the cash register at the supermarket. There is even an advance pre-amp incorporated in the electronics. A 12 volt adaptor is furnished with the unit. The housing is grade ‘A’ cast aircraft aluminum. Has one input, two outputs. The outputs are ‘Y’ split mono outputs. There is NO signal loss when using two outputs. This pedal has a 3/8” lower profile than most standard pedals in the industry although an even lower profile pedal is available. See below.
#ME262B. $289.00

Hilton L-ME262-B Infrared Volume Pedal. If pedal height is important to you, the new L-ME262-B pedal may be for you. If you are used to a Low Profile Pedal this one will give you the exact height and movement as other models on the market and you can get the Hilton tone and sound.
#L-ME262B. $289.00

Goodrich Volume Pedals

Goodrich Model #120. This pot volume pedal has long been a favorite of the professional because of its simplicity and dependability, and because it does what it is supposed to do….control volume smoothly and quietly. Pedal has two outputs for driving two amps or two channels of one amp. Use either output for driving one amp. #120. $249.00

Goodrich Model #L120. Performs identically to Model #120 except that it has a lower profile. This is a big help to those of you needing more room underneath your steel guitar. #L120. $264.00

Volume Pot. Replacement potentiometer for most volume pedals. One million cycle 500K Ultra High Life pot provides the longest life available in a pot based pedal. Canadian made. #500K. $19.95

Goodrich Universal Attachment Bracket

Attaches Goodrich pedals to the pedal bar of any steel guitar. Bracket is adjustable, attaches without alteration and will not mar pedal bar. When in use, the rear of the pedal rests on the floor and can be repositioned right to left as desired. When instrument is lifted from floor, pedal remains attached. #GAB. $45.00


Pedal Bar Mounts

 Hilton offers two styles of pedal bar mounts. One type fits the Emmons and Derby guitars. The other type is universal and fits all other guitars. The Universal pedal bar mount fits over the top of the pedal bar.

Universal Style: #KH-U $34.00


Emmons Style: #KH-E $45.00