We are so pleased to once again offer the Walker steel guitar seats. The "Esquire" model is an exceptionally well made seat for the pedal steel and is being used by many pro players as well as guys and gals who play locally. It is available with or without the lumbar supporting backrest.

The seat and backrest are covered in a superior ‘no sweat’ fabric that is also advantageous for ease of leg movement. Soft vinyl will be an option for the seat and back area, if you prefer. The cushioning employs the famous Walker "triple layer" system resulting in very comfortable sitting.

The seat is quite roomy with divided interior compartments that are designed to hold your volume pedal and other accessories. It has a newly designed, more secure latch system resulting in an extremely stable environment for the legs and bracing.
Seat sides are covered with heavy duty laminate and are trimmed out with high quality "hand burnished" aluminum for a handsome, professional look. Seats are approximately 21 inches high with tubular legs and bracing.


Esquire Seat with Backrest #WES-2--$319.00


Esquire Seat without Back #WES-1--$289.00



The ‘Throne’



‘Throne’ Seat with Backrest #WTS~$360.00


The name says it all. You will definitely feel like royalty sitting on this exceptionally comfortable and convenient seat. The "Throne" model has all of the great features of the "Esquire" with the addition of a side compartment that opens independently of the rest of the seat. You can quickly replace that broken third string without getting up from the guitar!

When left in the open position, the ‘door’ may be used to give you a little extra space on which to set items such as a tuner, chord chart or even the beverage of your choice. This is a very popular model.




Walker Storage Seats details:


Innovative latch system

Compartmented interior