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‘Memories of Steel' ~ Bobby Estes & Billy Cooper 

Here is a collection of songs that we feel will stir many emotions within you. There are classic country favorites, gospel songs, vocals and instrumentals, all of which feature the pedal steel.

"I had no idea that this CD would be the outcome when Billy Cooper asked me to sing a few songs for a steel guitar course that he was preparing. Billy and I played in a band together for many years and in my opinion, there is none better on the pedal steel. As we got farther into the session I realized that the songs we picked just naturally seemed to reflect the time periods of our lives. The title "Memories of Steel" is meant to express the significance of the chosen songs and mutual regard the two of us have.

I want to thank Billy and Wanda for all the hard work they have put into this project. But most of all, I want thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for the grace and mercy He has shown to me!"

~ Bobby Estes

"It was in a small club in Virginia in the mid-sixties that I first heard Bobby Estes perform. From the very first I was impressed with his singing. Years later, I felt privileged to be able to work regularly with him in a group. A mutual friend, Rudy Gabriletto, once told me that to play steel guitar behind Bobby Estes was like being in Paradise. I could not say it any better. Thanks, Bobby, for sharing your talent and for being such a good friend and brother in Christ!"

~ Billy Cooper

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'Christmas Steel Guitar'
~ Billy Cooper  

Billy plays these beautiful, classic Christmas carols on the pedal steel with a traditional yet fresh interpretation. You may find yourself listening to this recording in July!

Comments from our friend, Brad Corbin, Steel player with Lonestar:

“On Christmas Day as I drove back to Tennessee I listened to Billy C’s Christmas CD most of the way. To me, the mark of a great musical composition is that it can be listened to over and over again, while continuing to find new passages that breed inspiration. If I had first heard it on the radio, I would have lost money because I would have bet that the player was Buddy Emmons. Billy has inspired me to practice more in 2015. Happy New Year!!”


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