‘Those Were The Days’ ~ Billy Cooper

"When I met Billy I was not really a fan of the pedal steel guitar. (Don’t let that get out!) He immediately set out to change that, and as you may have guessed by now, he has succeeded. I have come to truly appreciate the amazing capabilities and beauty of this unique instrument as much as Billy.

His love for the pedal steel and it’s inimitable sound has inspired him to continually strive to master it. I feel that this album is an outstanding result of that endeavor.

Of the five albums Billy has recorded, this may be my favorite. Not only are there what would be considered traditional steel guitar tunes but this recording also blends the sixties and seventies style of steel guitar with blues, pop and even classical tunes. I think you will agree that the results are outstanding.

My personal favorite is a really haunting version of ‘Ghostriders In The Sky’. Or maybe it is Billy’s rendition of the beautiful ‘Greensleeves’. Or perhaps the two semi-classical pieces, ‘Nature Boy’ and ‘Carla’. Although those old time country tunes, ‘A Way To Survive’, ‘The Same Two Lips’, ‘Lily Dale’, ‘Mansion On The Hill’ and ‘I Really Don’t Want To Know’ surely do showcase the pedal steel in such a traditional yet fresh new way. Wonderful! And the last song, ‘Those Were The Days’. What a surprising, upbeat and completely original arrangement of a very familiar tune. It could easily be my favorite.

As you can see, I am having trouble picking a favorite from this album. I think you will have the same problem when you listen to it. In conclusion, thanks Billy, for letting me brag about my favorite steel player."


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Billy’s sixth recording offers a wonderfully diverse blend of tunes done in the sixties and seventies pedal steel style. Maybe the song selection on this album will give you an idea of the scope and imagination that went into this recording. There’s a nice mix of traditional and classical songs performed with Billy’s unique mastery. It will not be easy for you to pick a favorite. Complete instruction for each song available.

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