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Billy Cooper's Steel Guitars is pleased to welcome Fessenden Steel Guitars to our product lineup. Fessenden Guitar Company has been building pedal steel guitars for more than thirty years. Fessenden guitars are rated as the best value for the money by many of the leading players.

Fessenden Steel Guitars are regularly seen on the Opry stage, in the studio and on the road with the biggest rock and country acts in the US and overseas, from Nashville and Austin to New York, Europe and beyond. Increasingly players are singing the praises of Fessenden pedal steel guitars.

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This professional pedal guitar is designed & built by Gene Fields. And the optional keyless mechanism is one of the best on the market. For more information feel free to contact us. Click on the photos for more detailed views

These photos show a partial selection of colors and styles available on the G.F.I. There are many other choices. Contact us to learn more.




D-10 ULTRA, 8P 5K




Expo-D-10-EThe GFI EXPO

The new "Expo" model is designed to be a more economical professional quality pedal steel guitar. It features classic wrap-around styling, angled frame rails, and nearly all of the mechanical features of the "Ultra" models. Available as an S-10.

D-10 Expo with Black Mica

The "Expo" frame and body part finish will be limited to Hammer Tone Gray. The D-10 E will come standard with 8 pedals and 4 knee levers, the S-10 with 3 pedals and 4 knee levers, and a fifth vertical knee lever will be available as an option for both. Stainless steel changer fingers will be available as an option, but the Keyless Tuning System will not.

S-10 Expo with Red Mica
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Mullen Pedal Steel Guitars...
...Mullen guitars are an American built instrument manufactured exclusively at the Mullen factory. Undercarriage components are machined to tolerances suitable only for Mullen guitars and feature a clean design which is very serviceable. Raise and lower levers operate independently of each other. Pedal setup changes are a breeze.

The roller and nut support assembly is precision machined by the Mullen Company to exact specifications. Tolerances on rollers are maintained to one half of one thousandth. Rollers are machined from brass and are designed with an extended center hub to eliminate side drag. They are also mounted on a 3/32" diameter shaft to eliminate roller friction.

Changers are designed to pull on center. This keeps the changer levers from twisting when pedal or knee levers are pushed. The control levers are spaced to allow the pull rods to pass between them, eliminating places where dust and dirt can build up thereby preventing changer problems. The levers do not touch each other. The rollers are anodized to prevent strings from wearing grooves and are machined with a string slot and a shoulder to catch the string end if the string breaks. Each return spring incorporates an adjusting screw easily accessible at the end plate.

Pickups are a special and exclusive design for the Mullen guitar.

Mullen guitars are detailed with components not found on most guitars today. They require very little maintenance and offer many years of great service. These elements make the Mullen steel guitar an instrument you will enjoy playing for a long time and be proud to own.